Kiwanis Club of Pantai KL

Wish a Well

In 2010, the United Nations Assembly passed a resolution that it is a basic human right to have access to clean water and sanitation. However approximately 10% of the world population has yet to have access to clean water.

In Malaysia, 92% of the population of Malaysia has access to safely managed water services and 82% to safely managed sanitation services, according to a 2015 study by WHO/UNICEF. The orang asal communities are mainly part of the remaining 8% who does not have access to clean water. Some of the orang asli households lost the access to clean water when they have been displaced due to infrastructure or commercial developments.

Wish-a-well was mooted by KC Pantai KL 2 years ago when we were introduce to John Chin, a crusader championing the interest of orang asli in Pahang. At that juncture he was seeking funds to build wells for 3 villages within the interior of Pahang. To date we have been involved in funding the build of 6 wells.

In August 2018, we visited the 3 villages which have been gifted with a well each by generous donors. In conjunction with the trip, KC Pantai KL took the opportunity to provide food supplies as well as fellowship with the villagers by celebrating a member’s birthday!

We are continuously seeking for opportunities to build more wells as well as generous donors, so that these marginalised communities will have access to clean water. Kindly contact our Community Chair Director, Jeron Oon.

The areas where the wells are built to date  are in Kg Simpai, Kg Padang , Kg Kalun in  Muadzam Shah, Pahang , Idom Village, Milin Village & Did Village in Kuala Rompin

The cost to build per well is RM3800 and the wells are built by the villagers under supervision. With more wells built , more families will be able to benefit from cleaner water and more families will consolidate and form a village of about 5 family units in a specific area. The club continually seeks sponsors for these wells, locally and overseas and welcomes any interest in this project. Please contact us