Kiwanis Club of Pantai KL


The Kiwanis Club Of Pantai Kuala Lumpur ( “ KCPKL”)
19 years in Kiwanis  and decades in service

IN the beginning

The Kiwanis Club of Pantai KL was initially formed by a group of like- minded ladies in 2001, all set to start the first all- ladies club.  This plan was aborted when a keen Kiwanian William  wanted to join the club.  No regrets, as Kiwanian William is a most helpful and dedicated member and since
then, the club have  enjoyed and benefited from all our superpower male members. The Club was then chartered on 9 Oct 2001

Our VISION, our Beliefs

We believe in giving HOPE to all children and marginalized communities and we are committed in pursuing  our vision in  “ Keeping Hopes Alive “ to those in need. 

We Serve

We touch the hearts and meet the needs of  people regardless of age, race and religion.  Apart from club events & projects to meet the needs of children in challenging situations &  the elderly and marginalized communities , we have also actively participated in the Kiwanis  global project, partnered with UNICEF, to eliminate Maternal Neonatall Tetanus (MNT) .  With just 3 dosages of vaccinations, child bearing mothers are protected and death of babies prevented

Join Us

More members and volunteers – more hands get more work done
More sponsors and donors to fund projects to impact communities on a long term basis

If you are passionate in helping others 
If you are happy to put your spare time to meaningful services

Join The Kiwanis Club of Pantai Kl and YOU WILL NEVER REGRET

four boys laughing and sitting on grass during daytime